Larry wants to buy a new smartphone.

Don't get anywhere near that man.

You're not allowed to smoke here.

However, the color was different from the sample color in your catalog.

It was nothing.

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It's all right with me.


Is it true that chicken soup will cure a cold?

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Canada has a cold climate.

The cancer had spread to several organs.

He was naturally very angry.

They live across the river.

Can you see the difference?


This book is easy enough for them to read.

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Manny ran out of gas.

The box Matti gave me contained potatoes.

Shall we go to church by foot?


Honesty doesn't always pay.

I shoot the rabbits in my garden with a squirt gun to keep them away from the vegetables.

It is important for you to read many books.


Maybe I'm going through a midlife crisis.

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I don't introduce them.

There still weren't any visible signs of spring.

Charlie is the kind of guy who likes to try new things.

She enjoys soaking herself in a hot bath.

He disgraced himself by telling a lie.

What's the holdup?

We find Rod's work satisfactory.

Archie couldn't seem to put Anne at ease.

It's just one of those things.

Some of the boys are fishing and the others are swimming.

Put this bench forward.


She is pleased at her success.

I mean what I say.

Study hard, or you will fail in the exam.


I don't know whether he's happy or not.


I assume you know how to fix the problem.

Why do you have that?

Halloumi is a salty cheese that can be fried or grilled.

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Oleg gave me these for my birthday.

You're taking an awful risk.

Vance lives only an hour away.

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They have treated her well.

I caught sight of her as she turned the corner.

It seemed pretty important at the time.

What is the name of the mountain whose top is covered with snow?

Helen's timing couldn't be better.

The rest is left to you!

I need to repair that.


There's something happening here.

Is it what I think it is?

I'd like to make a call to Japan.

Well, what are you singing?

I'll ask around and see if I can find any other information.

I'll be back home toward the end of the month.

Traveling was much more difficult in those days.

I think we have enough money.

She married a wealthy old man.

Trying sat on the floor.

Science begins when you ask why and how.

Oh! I'm sorry to hear that.

Work ethics are different in each culture.


We're coming back.

He danced all night long.

I'm beginning to miss my girlfriend.


Can you get in?

His income is three times larger than mine.

They were ungrateful.

Our mother had no choice but to make dinner with leftovers.

Hienz's face is badly bruised.

This is official.

There is a radio on the table.

Patty was so short that she couldn't get at the branch.

We've missed you.

Is it true that you recover from colds when you give them to someone else?

He has quite a few valuable paintings.


Did Joon get a chance?

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Do you want to install this free browser add-on?


Micheal ate at a new restaurant the other day, but he doesn't remember the restaurant's name.

You don't know how much I love you.

If I had time, I could help you.

I am not ashamed to admit it.

I don't expect that to happen.

Devon will probably forgive you if you apologize.

Was it rainy in London?

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Bert didn't think that it would take a long time to complete the project.


I wanted Sam to try harder.

Hubert doesn't want to admit that he has a drinking problem.

Smoking is harmful for your health.


Does he have an alibi?

I'm learning a lot.

Kamiya isn't the type of person who learns from his mistakes.

I like to be with my classmates.

Perhaps they thought you were a patient.


That's the same question I asked you.


Open your eyes to reality.

Dion decided to try.

How small your cat is!


They're staring at her.


Do not take your mind off work.

She tried to bring the flowers into focus.

That could add to costs.

"Would you like me to show you around town?" "I'd like that."

I don't want him to forget me.

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Adrian was in a very good mood.

You don't have any more time.

I told her once and for all that I wouldn't go shopping with her.

This is supposedly research which my secretary did.

I'm sorry, but I already have a boyfriend.

She bought him a dog.

Show me another bag.

My bike was stolen last night.

Prakash went to a job fair.

Only through fire is a strong sword forged.

We felt all caged in.


Who doesn't have anything to do?

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Terrance's husband is rich.

I don't mind hanging around for a while.

Pilots of light aircraft are three times more likely to have an accident flying at night than during the day.

These books are poor sellers.

It seems that Mr Tanaka has passed the exam.


Our college uses far too much electricity.

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This part of the library is closed to the public.

I don't work your land.

The street is wet.


Can you suggest me a good tavern?

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He wrote three books in three years.

This cat knocked over the can of canned fish so that it could eat it.

I will pick up a little something for you.

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Geoffrey lives in a house that was built in the 1700s.

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Steven told Vladislav that everything would be perfect.

Sharon was really impressed.

The family seemed to be under a curse.

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Liz struggled with his assailant and managed to escape.


There are still many things left to learn about the human brain.


I taught my sister how to drive.


I think Mason is a really nice kid.


Are you two going out together?


The children haven't studied division yet.

Get your ass back to work.

Marie suffered from indigestion when she ate rich food.

Sho doesn't have any shoes on.

They're going to shoot her.

I was so laidbacked that I had slept without realizing.

Doyle doesn't seem to be himself these days.

Some people think that Earth will be invaded by aliens.

One thousand two hundred and fifty-six soldiers destroyed the fortress of Alamut.

He is badly off, because his book doesn't sell well.

Joseph didn't want to park his new car on the road.


There were many things that I thought were important at that time that I no longer believe are important.

The ship was listing fifteen degrees to port.

An exhibition was given in anticipation of the Queen's visit.

We can't lie to Karl.

Mike has written several poems about this island.


Please save a seat for me.

Alex and Coleen stared at each other silently.

It's like an oven in here.